Welcome to Roller!

Follow these steps to finalize your Roller installation:

  • Create a user - DONE: this site has 8 user(s)

    Before you can start to use Roller, you need to create a user so you can login, manage Roller and start blogging. Note that the first user you create will be given the Global Admin rights necessary to manage Roller, manage Roller users and designate other Global Admins.

    Create your first user via the New User Registration Page .

  • Create a weblog - DONE: this site has 3 weblog(s)

    Before you can start blogging, you need to create at least one weblog. Just so you know, you can create as many as you want. Each Roller user can have multiple weblogs and each Roller weblog can have multiple authors.

    Create your first weblog via the New Weblog Creation Page

  • Designate a frontpage weblog

    You must specify a weblog to serve as the frontpage of your Roller site. You can do this by going to the Server Admin->Configuration page. In the field labelled "Handle of the weblog to server as the frontpage" enter the handle of the weblog you want to front your site. Once you're done you won't see this irritating page any longer.

    Designate a frontpage weblog on the Server Admin Page